Lightning Strike

Late in the afternoon, on July 9th we experienced a lighting strike, damaging our computer network, and phone systems at our Charlotte office. Shortly afterwards, I received a call from Paddy, informing me that our system was off line, and that he was on his way to make repairs. I was leaving for an out of town site survey, but by midday following day, our main server was back on line, and Solutions were performing extensive evaluation of our complete phone and IT system and determining a protocol to repair the damage. By the close of business that day, most of the damaged workstations were working, as they fashioned temporary repairs until replacements could be installed. We lost no data, and clients experienced little of no lapse in service.

Lighting damage is notorious for manifesting itself months after the strike. Solutions ITS set-up monitoring to determine if our equipment was functioning properly, and worked with us to decide which equipment made the sense to replace, and which equipment to repair. In all, we incurred over twenty-thousand dollars in damage due to the lighting strike.

Solutions ITS worked closely with Events/com to determine the extent of the damage, and develop a timeline to make the necessary repairs to our network and install new desktops and phone system. They also helped us document damages incurred from the strike, and repairs performed for our insurance company.

This was a devastating experience for our company. We are glad that we had Solutions ITS to help us through this process

Rick Jamision

Extremely Knowledgeable

At Cambridge Village we have found Solutions-its and all of their staff to be extremely knowledgeable in the Information Technology field. Their pricing was the best in comparison to other vendors for the services we were requesting. They built our services around our needs, not on what they wanted to sell. They are very customer service driven and they are extremely responsive to request for additional services or when problems arise. Everyone in the office and the technicians in the field are very professional, friendly and provide immediate follow-up on services performed. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing information technology services and demanding superior customer service.

Dennis Redmond Chief Operating Officer
Cambridge Village

Refreshing Change

The level and type of support I received from Greg Howard recently made such a refreshing change!

In the current climate of "Get what you can for as little effort as possible".Greg spent over three hours giving me excellent technical support , and helping me to stay calm over a real nightmare of a problem!

I've been in business for many years, and it is such a rarity to find someoneprepared to go the extra mile in this day and age.

Greg was patient, polite, and gave excellent technical advice.

Thanks again


Gary Gillies Director
LAB Computing

Trusted Friend

Dealing in today’s market with high tech computers and programs though necessary for business can pose a real challenge for someone like me. I was introduced to Greg Howard in March of 2010 when I was in need of an expert to analyze my system for my Mortgage Company. I will admit that I am far from knowledgeable in this area, but working with Greg in my office was a positive experience for me. He had the ability to discuss with me what he was doing and its importance; in such a manner that I could actually understand.

Greg was hired again to move my office servers to a new location and once again had me set up and ready to go with no glitches. Since that time, I closed that business but needed to maintain the servers in my home as I expected there would be a day that I might need to start them up and obtain some data. I tried to reach Greg only to learn that he had gained new employment. I was very lucky that I had his cell phone number on an old email and called him right away. I felt so comfortable with him and his professionalism that I asked him if he could once again help me set these back up after 2 years of sitting in a closet. Needless to say Greg without hesitation came to my home and provided me with excellent service and I accomplished what I needed.

I am once again a small business owner and while I take pride in my work and what I do best, I take more pride in knowing that I have someone like Greg Howard and his company, Solutions-ITS, to come to my rescue. My business has grown; become more profitable and having an expert to call for help at any time, is something that I could never do without.

I recommend Greg Howard with Solutions-ITS. He will become your friend as he has mine. Someone you can trust in knowing the job will get done right.

Thank you, Greg for being that trusting friend.

Maureen Brown dog-gamutt inc